Nicole Stewart

Nicole Stewart
Chief Executive Officer
Complete Workwear Laundry Services

Nicole Stewart is the CEO of Complete Workwear. She can be found at the reception desk, in the administration office, or out in the warehouse. Nicole is always on the go, managing the business and her staff, overseeing operations or joining the team on the floor to help out.

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Tell us about your business?

Commercial Laundry/Dry-Cleaning servicing most International Airlines that fly into Melbourne. We also have a Dry-Cleaning arm of the business with 9 depots scattered around Melbourne.

How was the MURRA program?

MURRA Program was wonderful, it has given me a greater understanding of checking the viability of my company and I have met some wonderful new friends who all have a common goal to support the growth in the Indigenous Business Sector of Australia.

What does being an Indigenous entrepreneur mean to you?

I’m excited to be someone who others can look to for guidance. To be able to help other prospective business owners understand that they too can become a business owner and leave a legacy for their children. To be able to help in the movement from Welfare to Business Ownership.

What does business success look like to you?

Good Cash Flow and profitability within my business.

What made you want to own your business?

To be able to offer a better life to my children and leave a legacy which they or my grandchildren could carry on with into their working life.

What advice would you give any young entrepreneurs thinking about going into business?

Believe in yourself, do not let others steal your dreams. Be prepared to chase that dream and work hard to make it all come together. Get some good sound advice, understand that you need to WORK, WORK, WORK until you have got the business up and running successfully.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership means change, Never stop learning, to be a good leader we must always have change at the front of our minds, we now live in a fast paced world were jobs that are here today will be gone tomorrow. A good leader knows how to compel their staff for great things.

What are some of the achievements of your business since the MURRA program? Any awards?

When I completed the MURRA course I was a worker, I now own the company and I’m enjoying the challenge’s that my new role brings.

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