Supporting children in business workshop – Thornbury

Boorai’s in BiZZneZZ is a gathering and workshop that focuses and supports children in business. As business owners and active participants in family owned businesses, Children provide a unique insight and viewpoint of what business should look like and what is possible as a means of income and career. Our children are our future and we must nurture their passions and support their own career aspirations, so why not let them take the wheel and jump on board the evolution of Koori business as the sector grows.

Our event will showcase the talents and business that are incubated within Thornbury Primary School who is a leader in student education and incorporates forward thinking when teaching curriculum that harnesses Koori knowledge and I.P. They have a long standing commitment and voice within the local Melbourne community and currently support and teach students who own or operate their own Koori businesses as KOORIpreneurs.

During Indigenous Month we have teamed together to drive the ideas of Koori business, whilst also sharing through the school community the journey each business has undertaken and what is needed to be successful. The plan is to plant the seed of Entrepreneurism in the minds and hearts at an early stage to breed talent, expose them to workplace experience and build confidence. We also want to drive this through the school to build on this event year on year so that the curriculum can incorporate business ventures and build projects so that it can be showcased each October on a national calendar.

Ernst & Young have also partnered to support the resourcing and drive the content and support for school and teachers for students.


Date: 30/10/2019

Time: 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Location: 16-22 Hutton Street, Thornbury 3071

Cost free. All students in grade 5 and 6 who particiapte with their parents receive free gifts from the local businesses thank to Ernst & Young



Event Contact: Charles Williams,, Narrun-Milloo Consulting (NMC), BIG NUZZ clothing, Ernst & Young, Thornbury Primary School