Marking ten years of Indigenous Business Month

Indigenous Business Month is a collective movement that celebrates and showcases the diversity and excellence of Indigenous business across Australia. In its 10th year, we mark a decade of demonstrating the impact of Indigenous businesses and call upon the Indigenous business sector to reflect on how we have MADE OUR MARK.

Indigenous businesses take on a life of their own, asserting their mark through their goods and services, by bringing Indigenous ways of working into the business ecosystem. Indigenous businesses are vehicles of self-determination, created by Indigenous business leaders, making our mark for what Indigenous business excellence is all about.

We know, as our longest living culture demonstrates, that 10 years is but a small corner within a larger, continuing tapestry of doing business in this Country. Yet over the last three decades the Indigenous business sector has grown, has flourished and is brightly adding to our collective story.

Over the past decade of promoting the distinction of Indigenous Businesses, we have seen how Indigenous entrepreneurs have continually contributed to better communities, better opportunities, better relationships, and better ways of doing business.

In 2024, we pause to consider our collective achievements and impact. This year it is time to mark out those stories, those business models, those ideas that reveal our way of doing business. This year we invite Indigenous business owners across the country to share how they make their mark – in and through their business and leadership.
This year, we invite our nations to consider the wave of Indigenous entrepreneurship across the country, redefining what Indigenous business is all about by showcasing what we know as excellence. This year, we invite First Nations businesses and their allies to tell the stories and celebrate our ways of doing business.

In this 10th year of Indigenous Business Month, we invite everyone to join our collective movement across our Country. We are producers, we are doers, we are creators. We are MAKING OUR MARK.


Indigenous Business month was co-founded by three First Nations women who completed the Murra Alumni program with Melbourne Business School. It was then that they observed the need to celebrate our ways of doing business, support one another and share in knowledge and opportunity. They threw their hands out to others in aim of highlighting their business success and to raise awareness of businesses doing it best, with awards that have run in October each year. They also handed the invitation to supporting allies in our communities to demonstrate their commitment to supporting Indigenous business.

Since then the economic landscape has continued to evolve. Indigenous business numbers have grown almost 75% in that time and we are beginning to recognise the multiplying effect of Indigenous businesses in Regional and Rural Australia in the way they can meet service needs and create employment.

Indigenous Business Month 2024 : Making Our Mark