About Us

Indigenous Business Month collectively calls upon First Nations business owners and their non-Indigenous allies, to gather online and in community, to look at your actions today and how they will impact our tomorrow.

Indigenous Business Month is an initiative driven by the alumni of Melbourne Business School’s MURRA Indigenous Business Master Class Program, who see business as a vehicle towards self-determination, a way of providing positive role models for Indigenous Australians and improving quality of life in Indigenous communities. Since its establishment in 2015, Indigenous Business Month is an annual celebration that occurs every October and 2022 marks its 8th year.

On 11 August 2022, Indigenous Business Month organisers announced this year’s theme, TO GATHER, TOGETHER, to inspire the next generation of First Nations business leaders.

The Indigenous Business Montyh founders have chosen to take the opportunity to focus this year’s celebration within communiites. While still maintaining a national presence, the founders wish to provide all communities with the chance to connect and build relationships with each other. As a result, there will be no Indigenous Business Month Awards in 2023. 

We look forward to a wonderful year ahead, and to 2024’s 10 year celebration.