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You’re invited to the first reveal of Deadly Digits, an exciting initiative that aims to provide Indigenous businesses with their very own accounting software and supporting resources to help them grow and be successful. Taking place on Thursday 22nd of October, 12.00pm- 12.30pm, you will hear the story behind the initiative from Deputy Director General Dr Sarah Pearson, Reckon CEO Sam Allert, and Gugu Yalanji and Koko Koko Lama Lama woman Kerry Klimm, from flashblak communications. The Deadly Digits online accounting software, aims to help Indigenous small business across Queensland get ahead. Deadly Digits is simple to use and will fit every type of business. This means First Nations’ people can spend more time growing and sharing their diversity of cultures, histories and stories through their business. In this webinar we will cover: – What Deadly Digits is and how your business can benefit – The design and meaning behind Deadly Digits – An overview of the solution, it’s features and how you can get involved. Register Now

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