Supplier Day + Blak Markets

This year the First Nations Supplier Day will provide an opportunity for a ‘Blak Market’ inviting food stalls, market stalls and entertainers.

As the oldest continuing culture on earth, First Nations people were the first builders and engineers, the first inventors and scientists, the first agriculturalists and environmentalists, the first healers, and the first navigators and astronomers.

Despite the challenges within contemporary Australia, First Nations people use their ingenuity and ancient knowledge systems to continue cultural practices that both support economy and build community.

One of the key objectives of the Inaugural Sunshine Coast First Nations Supplier Day is establish a platform to showcase local First Nations businesses and their ongoing contributions to the economic sustainability of the Sunshine Coast region.

By creating and nurturing relationships between First Nations suppliers, government, NGOs and businesses, Supplier Day aims to support a strong and resilient community which prioritises local First Nations businesses as the suppliers of choice.

Taking place on Kabi Kabi Country


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