The Unlikely Connection: More than just Accounting

Ben Eisikovich sits down with Matthew Lancaster to uncover just how this former Policeman and ADF veteran is spearheading the Accounting profession. Nothing is off the table between these two and this session will demonstrate how genuine service, commitment to continued learning and collaboration can empower us all

Ben Eisikovich CA is a proud Kamilaroi man and Chartered Accountant. Whilst completing his BCom at UNSW, Ben was surprised about the fallacies of Accounting and the role it plays within Indigenous Australia. He is extremely passionate about all things business and the interconnected benefits that flow as a result of financial literacy, which led him to found IFAB.

Ben has had experience across the financial industry, working as a Finance Manager at Westpac.

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Matthew Lancaster is a proud Palawa man with a strong passion to work and engage with people and communities which has stemmed from past careers in the Queensland Police Service and the Royal Australian Navy. Currently a Postgraduate in the MBAX program at the AGSM UNSW and loving his journey as this is his first time at University.

Matt believes that there is a place in the world for everyone, giving people the right opportunities and support is what motivates his insatiable thirst to be better, and do more, for the greater good. Matt is a strong advocate for Mental Health sharing his story of survival, “battling with PTSD” and overcoming the challenges through his own identity.

Having experience of leadership across a diverse career path, Matt is currently the Sector Manager – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community at Chartered Accountants Australian & New Zealand.

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