Hosting Guidelines


Thank you for requesting to host an Indigenous Business Month event in 2021. 

As the event has grown so quickly over the past five years and gained such momentum, we will now be registering all official Indigenous Business Month events through our website.

Indigenous Business Month was born out of the MURRA Indigenous Business Master Class program as a vehicle for collective leadership to showcase Indigenous business leadership across Australia.

Each October, Indigenous Business Month is celebrated across the country.


  • To ensure the smooth organisation of Indigenous Business Month, events require formal registration on through the Indigenous Business Month website. 
  • To ensure the accessibility of events Indigenous Business Month events we ask that all official events are free, or a minimal cost. 
  • Where possible, events should be created in partnership with Indigenous business owners and/or Indigenous business community organisations. This ensures that Indigenous Business Month maintains its integrity as a community-based initiative. 

Event Host Role

We aim to make your experience hosting a 2021 Indigenous Business Month event as simple and easy as possible.

As an event host, we encourage you to:

  • deliver an interesting, informative and educational event for small business owners and operators
  • once you have officially registered your event with Indigenous Business Month organisers, co-brand all marketing and promotional materials associated with your activity with the IBM 2021 official branding  promote and advertise your event through your communication channels
  • use an IBM 2021 promotional PowerPoint slide at your event
  • keep in touch with the IBM 2021 project team, celebrate your successes, share your stories and event photos; and
  • complete the event host feedback questionnaire.

Sponsorship activities

You are encouraged to seek sponsorship for your event. However, please note that if you choose to have sponsors for your event, be aware that they will only be recognised for supporting your event and will not receive recognition for sponsoring IBM 2020 as a whole.


You are responsible for protecting the personal information of attendees collected when they register for your event. Please ensure you seek permission from attendees when taking photographs that you later share publicly.

Key messages

  • IBM 2021 will give small business owners the opportunity to learn and acquire new ideas, skills and tools to take their business to the next level.
  • IBM 2021 is a nation-wide event held from 1-31 October 2021.
  • IBM 2021 includes targeted events focused on celebrating Indigenous business success around the country
  • Get involved and register now by visiting
  • Celebrate IBM 2021 – find out how at 
  • Further key messages can be found in our IBM toolkit


Event hosting

A range of tools, templates and resources are available to assist you in promoting and running your event, these are found in the IBM toolkit

Indigenous Business Month Calendar 

The IBM events calendar lists events from across Australia. Your event will feature as an IBM 2021 event on this online calendar and all promotion undertaken by the IBM Communications team will drive traffic to the event listings to increase awareness of all events being delivered as part as IBM 2021.

Social media

Last year, across multiple platforms IBM’s media coverage reached 50,000 people, with social media providing the highest volume of coverage.

Our hashtag #IndigBizMonth will be used across all of our promotions celebrating IBM 2021 and promoting events and activities in the lead up to and during IBM 2021.

Join our celebration, take advantage of the coverage, promote your IBM 2021 event and, on the day, share your IBM 2021 photos and experiences by using #IndigBizMonth in your social media posts.


  • Register for our [name of event] event on [date of event]—part of #IndigBizMonth.
  • Attend our #IndigBizMonth event on [date of event]. Register now!
  • We’re excited to be celebrating #Indigenousingenuity as a #IndigBizMonth event host!
  • We are celebrating #Indigenousingenuity at our #IndigBizMonth event on [date of event] – Find out how you can take part!
  • Get involved in #IndigBizMonth. Search the calendar of events HERE


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