2017 Recipient

Biodiversity Australia

Biodiversity Australia was the 2017 recipient of the Murra Boost Sponsorship. The environmental consultancy is a 100% Indigenous owned business and was founded by Steve Noy.

Steve grew up with his family, the Muruwari people, whose traditional lands are the Culgoa River region of Northern New South Wales.

“I have always had a passion and deep connection with the environment. In 2002 I decided to take this passion into the private business sector and created Biodiversity Australia, because I knew I could make a difference.” said Noy.

The PwC & MURRA Boost Initiative, established in partnership by leading professional services firm PwC and Melbourne Business School’s MURRA Indigenous Business Masterclass Program, is designed to help strengthen and build capacity within Indigenous business organisations.

“The Murra Boost sponsorship allows PwC and PwC’s Indigenous Consulting to celebrate and promote the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses whilst working alongside their leadership, to continue to make a meaningful contribution to further developing those enterprises” said Kim Cheater, PwC/PIC Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Co-Chair.

Biodiversity Australia’s ambition was to develop expertise and create more employment opportunities for the local Indigenous community. Senior staff at Biodiversity Australia provide expert environmental management services for major urban, rural and industrial developments. The company also works on infrastructure projects, including civil and major linear infrastructure works.

“We are now seen as industry leaders.  An example of this is the mentorship I provide for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in biodiversity which is really rewarding work.”

When applying for the Murra Boost Initiative the company wanted to increase its capacity to offer more stable employment to a higher number of staff.  The overall ambition was to show a demonstrable career path for talented people.

Managing Director, Steve Noy understood growing the business would be fundamental.

“This sponsorship is designed to provide us the strategy necessary to further diversify our business and create future growth, so we can continue to partner with, and provide opportunities for, Aboriginal communities” said Steve Noy, Managing Director and Owner.

The initiative includes mentoring time from consulting firm PwC Australia.

“The Murra Boost sponsorship is providing us an opportunity to work with PwC to create what is effectively a “business x-ray”. It’s great to get a company like PwC to provide us with an outside view, to ensure we are staying on track and develop future goals, to create long term sustainability”.