2019 Recipient

Kakadu Tiny Tots

Kakadu Tiny Tots is a wholly First Nations owned company that creates authentic Aboriginal clothing, accessories and artwork. Kakadu is one of two winners of the PwC & MURRA Boost Initiative in 2019, receiving skills development and expertise valued at $30,000.

“I truly love the Gheorja, Damien and Kylie PwC / Kakadu Team. The time that we have spent on my brand’s DNA has been remarkable. Pivoting to reflect and capture my customer segment is so exciting. I can’t wait to relaunch as KAKADU, the eco-friendly gift hamper site.” said owner Kylie-Lee Bradford. 

The company was founded to provide Australia with quality Aboriginal-based children’s clothing, that showcase and acknowledge the talents of the Aboriginal people of Australia. All Kakadu designs are uniquely handcrafted and originate from First Nations communities in the Northern Territory.

Since establishing, Kylie-Lee has expanded the product range from baby clothing to wellness and food products that are recognised globally for their quality and authenticity. 

The Boost Initiative, founded by PwC Australia and the MURRA Alumni, is designed to help strengthen business practices and build capacity within an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander business.

Working with PwC, Kakadu Tiny Tots has undergone a major strategic shift from focusing on products that attract domestic and international tourists, to a range of gift sets that authentically bring a bit of Kakadu to the rest of Australia and overseas. 

Kakadu Tiny Tots has completed a brand refresh and is currently in the process of setting the strategic plan for growth over the next three years. The plan will improve strategic positioning, sharpen focus on key products that align with the company brand and strengthen internal operations to enable Kakadu to grow sustainably and give back to the Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

The initiative is supported by Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre at the University of Melbourne33 CreativeIscariot Media, and PwC.