Thank you to everyone who participated in the Indigenous Business Month 2023. 

We had over 40 events held across the country. 

The theme To Gather Together inspired us to be with each other, in our communities, during a momentous time. While the final result was not what we expected, we are still here and continue to work hard within our communities. 

Looking ahead to 2024 which will be the tenth anniversary of Indigenous Business Month. We had no idea that we would be still going a decade later. Yet here we are. IBM growing stronger each year  is a demonstration of the resilience and fortitude of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the country.

We are busy planning our year ahead, and look forward to announcing the official 2024 theme in the new year. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and safe and enjoyable New Year.

Everyone at Dilun Duwa/Murra, 33 Creative, and IM.